Infamous Minded

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9:31 AM July 7, 2011 BklynBoi666 said:

This isn't an album little kids, it's a mixtape they didn't even put together LOL
3:39 PM April 24, 2011 typer1823 said:

how u gunna rep the south with a name like dblock867 you ****ing idiot...and listening to a ny mixtape....****ing idiot
5:14 AM January 18, 2011 blitz88dawid said:

there second and third albums were the best but everything since then has been **** they r not proper hip hop any more were as nas stil is az still is cormega still is talib kweli still is j cole is
7:34 PM January 7, 2011 thejose513 said:

dis one had good beatz ta puff a L on
2:25 PM January 2, 2011 illadelcmdgreezy said:

almost home
3:52 AM December 31, 2010 akjr said:

imma REAL HIP HOP FAN! PERIOD! but..this is not worth my time 1st..beat has to catch my attention lyrics..3 is listening pleasure. no GOOD beats so y bother
12:14 PM December 28, 2010 sickwithit said:

mobb deep if yall reading these comments yall need squash beef with the outlawz cuz if tupac was still here he squash beef with yall real talk
4:13 PM December 27, 2010 mrironlung said:

dis be Hip-Hop mixtapse site so MC'em is whats hot, yea money is nice but dis ain't whohasthe