Rick Ross - Ashes To Ashes

Re-Release! | Spotted at www.blowingmoneyfast.com

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10:19 AM November 24, 2017 RikkoStrong via Mobile:

"It's me baby girl... straight G sh*t!" Sh*t still Jam'n'!
12:36 AM August 25, 2017 Reggiedrea via Mobile:

Wale the best rapper on the label #Oy
1:59 AM October 9, 2016 asqaud24 via Mobile:

🔥old heat
10:32 PM March 1, 2016 Drewskee00 via iOS App:

2016 and this still gets play!
7:01 PM November 7, 2015 kaci212 via Mobile:

Yep soul full hip-hop not the ATL bull****
10:37 PM February 17, 2015 nanabobo via Mobile:

Rick Ross is that dude.
2:32 PM February 28, 2014 frenchmontanas said:

lol derrick1998 are you ****ing stupid ross is just a wannabe gangster real gangsters sell yayo like Esco
11:01 PM July 28, 2013 brickboylambo via Mobile:

It's really only a couple songs up here but I still **** wit it