Jimi Jump - Street Love 2

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8:37 AM September 6, 2012 paul123 said:

how did this miss the radar? dudes spittin heat. Salute from da 502
9:50 PM November 26, 2011 robsmith421 via Mobile:

damn,nobody cares about this real ****!!!!! i listen to it all the time.........guess im jussss retarted!!!!!!!
5:03 PM September 7, 2011 robsmith421 via Mobile:

klassic,no bull**** on this disc,get plies and tpain on the phone ,this artist needs a deal.
2:25 PM May 6, 2011 MuSiKFiend2010 said:

I see ya, cuz. This is Quincy do ya thing and keep going, my nigga.
5:00 PM April 10, 2011 jimijump said:

Aye I appreciate all the comments...good or bad it's all love cause you didn't have to say anything at all so I wanna thank y'all for listening, and I promise the next one will go harder!!
5:09 PM April 2, 2011 Darrionw said:

Kevin Gates Newsflash All Day
2:58 AM March 28, 2011 jtl85 said:

dope *** beats. his flow could be better though
2:23 AM February 27, 2011 xX420RJXx said:

it is ok i think he could of gone at it lil harder good beats tho