The Soul Controller

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9:51 PM March 14, 2011 cHeddabOydE said:

@ThatKiddKL: I'm wit u on dat...didn't listen to it but wanted to read da comments to see wut people said bout dat...yall mother****ers better wake-up...signs are everywhere
1:48 AM March 5, 2011 Kieluvya said:

#16 damn. that keni burke keep rising to the top original. damn i always wanted to mixx off that.
12:54 PM February 17, 2011 infamous said:

...was really part of the Illuminati. U would never know, that's what the Illuminati is.. a secret society, not a ****ing mixtape.. ****in' morons
12:54 PM February 17, 2011 infamous said:

@ThatKiddKL, I bet Ur a Gucci fan, did U learn that from him? Make sure U read a book B4 U make accusations. If Kay Slay, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, or any ****ing celebrity...
9:16 PM February 14, 2011 West_side_CLE said:

what? nigga this aint illuminati. what you mean?
11:17 AM February 14, 2011 ThatKiddKL said:

Wow The Cover Clearly Speaks Illuminati .. Smh and You People Still Listen To this Bull****
6:25 PM February 12, 2011 thttt said:

Raekwon killed sweep week. real rap
6:07 PM February 12, 2011 thttt said:

Like i said, yayo is trash and just because u spit from the heart dont make that **** hot. u gotta be able to put words togetha to attract listeners to. listen up sucka