Money Making Jam Boys - The Prestige (Jam Boy Magic)

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3:48 PM June 13, 2011 marshknotts said:

you fags don't know any fu**ing thing huh? this is a group of fire spittin fools!!!and if you call black thought a snitch you are definitely a retard!!
5:57 PM April 11, 2011 Shrillex said:

Good music.
3:06 PM February 11, 2011 corporate_thuggin1126 said:

@adam_west HE SAYIn THE SAME **** BOUT EVERYBODY!!!11!! There's no way this fake nigga even knows who all these dudes is.
7:30 PM February 10, 2011 bigtex1986 said:

@flawda26 **** is weak? dawg u ain't listenin to dis tape pretty good dis **** is dope. go rock wit dat watered down fake *** rap u used too. dis is raw hip hop!
9:28 AM February 8, 2011 flawda26 said:

a for dat nigga talking bout he love snitches come to forida saying dat **** u will get murk off top
9:27 AM February 8, 2011 flawda26 said:

dis **** weak two thumbs down
1:15 AM February 8, 2011 nipsey_flocka said:

So damn good.
12:38 AM February 8, 2011 mbball055 said:

I love snitches