Dre-Ski - Cloud 8.7

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11:49 AM February 20, 2011 mount88 said:

He killed it with the line about "I want my pockets fat like the old Ricky Lake". Never running and Black magic my ****.
10:52 PM February 17, 2011 stonedgremlin said:

@hoooooooooot... quit being picky
10:47 PM February 14, 2011 paulrini12345 said:

Dont you let go of me now ....killed it
9:09 AM February 14, 2011 jason7844 said:

cloud 8.8
4:09 PM February 13, 2011 fire_Flamez said:

Man this dude is the truth.. Surprised why this dude is still an INDY Artist.. NEEDS to Be SIGNED!
5:27 AM February 12, 2011 Rager83 said:

MAnnnn i ****s with this ****... dude on the right way. we ride/ whos the king/ Silent killah go hard! ****s on rotation on the iphone...
2:09 AM February 12, 2011 dibireppin06 said:

but the tape its self aint bad at all i agree dude got potential
2:08 AM February 12, 2011 dibireppin06 said:

@hoooooooooot you aint lying bro lmao a bunch of **** from mario rainbow colors a sun on dope a alien and a chick in a swim suit lol