Gilbere Forte - Eyes Of Veritas

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7:27 PM January 23, 2016 cornrows91 said:

Still bump 'n this mixtape in 2016. Gilbere Forte is a beast got that nice flow all tracks are raw. my personal favorite is unbreakable track 10 an amazing song, best part is at the end he kills it starts strong!
6:00 AM November 24, 2015 CarmenSanchezColello via Mobile:

We back
11:21 AM July 19, 2015 cornrows91 via Mobile:

Gilbere Forte is too raw, this dude should stay indie. he sounds alot better then the rapper out know. Eyes Of Veritas is one of those mixtapes, that could of been an actual album
8:35 PM January 6, 2014 CarmenSanchezColello said:

love it all
9:04 PM February 21, 2013 Moneypower600 said:

seriously underrated should be in the 1,000s
10:58 PM February 26, 2012 zangetsu12 said:

this **** is nice
11:58 AM September 26, 2011 DaSauce said:

5:54 PM September 20, 2011 TurnitUp21 said:

Independent music is generally better. Less people constricting the artist to a specific image and sound.