T-Will - Short Circuit

DJs: DJ Smallz
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7:57 PM August 11, 2011 ekkodream via Mobile:

10:25 PM April 19, 2011 daleyo8 said:

who gives a **** if he white or black
12:05 AM February 17, 2011 coldheat25 said:

Dude is nice and i hope he gets the respect he deserves.
9:39 AM February 16, 2011 corporate_thuggin1126 said:

Look like any white boy I eva saw, but his muzik still straight and I wouldn't give a God Damn what he say anyway I listen to this **** for tha beats.
3:45 PM February 13, 2011 YungDeeze321 said:

Y'all Are Some Dumb Asses Saying He White Smh Lol Street Vision In Da Buildin Nigga T-Will I See Ya Bra We Finna Take Off SVE
10:12 AM February 13, 2011 hydro_jesse said:

son i say nigga all the time tht **** dont make u racist
6:51 PM February 12, 2011 royaltee85 said:

lil cuz done made it on livemixtapes, long time come'n bruh & 2 yu dumm ****s he 's albino. dat nigga blacker than yall. STREET VISION ENT
11:21 PM February 11, 2011 mob_raw28 said:

he looks albino dumb ****s but ****s aight tho