Wake Up! Radio (John Legend & The Roots)

DJs: J. Period
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6:54 PM August 14, 2014 E_Down said:

I don't know how I overlooked this...Filtered search FTW
8:35 PM October 17, 2013 deserteaglez00 said:

Real Music! Wish all the yungins of today had to take a class on true hip hop. Listen up yungins! You might learn something!
2:29 AM December 27, 2012 Dreadkat35 via Mobile:

One more thing Lil lo nigga...you need to find out your past...ymcmb is house nigga ****!!!! Now go ask massa is he sick!!!
2:58 AM December 19, 2012 Dreadkat35 via Mobile:

Ymcmb???? Lil Wayne the hardest in the group and he kissed two niggas in the mouth...do the math...the new expression in hip hop wants to be a girl it's gay...bless they hearts lol
1:13 PM November 21, 2011 mudu2 said:

Real talk niggaz this hsit is wack I thout it was finna have some dope **** but lol,, yall niggaz still live in dem jim crowes era, yall better join YMCMB or BRICKSQUAD...BURR...Im out Gucci
5:59 AM August 9, 2011 yunkev said:

Real music is back soulful def a classic
11:42 AM March 23, 2011 MorgHot7 said:

all i can say is wow.. i havent heard a cd of this calibur in... years... now this is music in its purist form.
6:24 AM March 7, 2011 frozematic said:

Tre and neeko, y'all are exactly right. The brainwashing won't stop, so we just gotta keep up with the underground and real music, that's all.