Torch - UFO


Drops Monday! Spotted at MixFeed

mixtape back cover

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7:26 PM November 4, 2011 kingofdasouf said:

12:40 AM September 23, 2011 liltrap017 via Mobile:

oh yeah , first he was bull**** , wack & all this other **** , now he spit that real **** ; yall niggas need to get yall minds right & speaking of minds , make up yalls
8:57 PM June 14, 2011 lebron023 said:

one real *** mixtape you can play the whole thing from beginning to end i just hope ricky dont only focus on the new guys of mmg cause torch got flow
11:06 PM June 9, 2011 Weapon_X said:

I tell you barack obama didn't change **** lol. Niggaz will never get ahead cause they're too many simple *** parents raising simple *** kids. Sad
11:04 PM June 9, 2011 Weapon_X said:

IAMDATRUTH i guess it makes sense to get locked up for half your life just to prove to people who don't care about you that you're real huh
9:31 AM April 27, 2011 AmirR101 said:

niggas r haters 4 real stop **** ridin
5:52 PM April 19, 2011 okeziea said:

@ IAMDATRUTH: who gives a f*** where he from, if he go hard, he go hard. case closed. That's what's wrong wit the African-American community, we always got to bring a brutha down. -_- smh
7:50 AM April 8, 2011 destroyer4969 said:

IAMDATRUTH u suck ***