Mac Sosa - In My Zone

DJs: DJ Slim C
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2:00 PM October 9, 2011 rgallaway said:

This dude is have to be kidding me. His voice is horrible, and he sounds like an ignorant ****.
6:53 PM March 16, 2011 Slashmajor said:

11:11 PM March 10, 2011 Cody865 said:

Stay in YO ZONE, and Hataz gonna KEEP Swervin Homie. REP THE RIDGE TO THA FULLEST HOMIE.
11:10 PM March 10, 2011 Cody865 said:

I been ****in wit ya music since MAIN EVENT homie, You ****ed wit ya boi on this mixtape the other day and i aint stopped bumpin the realest **** from the 865
3:58 PM March 2, 2011 jstep said:

**** go hard homie !!! 12
10:15 AM February 22, 2011 yaboyzean said:

this that ****, every track on this ***** i real an go hard as ****
8:22 PM February 15, 2011 JhustleGE said:

Salute to the homie Sosa for dropping this heat real A1 Nigga yall support this one! Its GE or nothin!!!
3:43 PM February 15, 2011 estephens2 said:

#18 Swervin ft. Young Buck & #19 I Hustle ft. Starlito are bonus tracks w/No DJ so all u DJ's can spin them!!!