Confadential - Dying Ready

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10:32 AM February 24, 2011 Confadential said:

@ftball21 right fam!! and right on to everyone else showin love, or just givin honest feedback! i appreciate it!
10:49 PM February 23, 2011 ftball21 said:

whoaa u actually respond to ppls comments thats wasup, but g **** on the mixtape mane u did biggie good
5:28 PM February 22, 2011 QueenEritrea said:

I like!
2:06 PM February 22, 2011 EBeatz said:

this mix tape is pure FIRE!!!!!
1:51 PM February 21, 2011 Confadential said:

@yaboizay760 wish i could have found a good version of niggaz bleed & whats beef u right that would of been hard @kupohated i was just payin homage on that one fam, but thanks for the feedback
12:57 PM February 21, 2011 kupohated said:

feel like that was lame to copy the biggie exact flow and just change words in juicy tho
10:28 PM February 19, 2011 2hardent said:

Dope ****, i voted for it!
8:50 AM February 17, 2011 nhs said:

good **** he ddnt forget were he got his influence from