D-Block - Black Ops 2

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4:30 PM April 17, 2018 dnycole67 via iOS App:

Mixtape will always have music than mainstream
12:18 AM October 21, 2012 riverbank1 via Mobile:

Live as ****
2:06 PM July 25, 2011 terry614 said:

styles p hardest out point blank period styles p what up what up what up d_block all day
5:32 PM June 23, 2011 realrap94 said:

WTF Why is 50 rappin wit D block thats dat Bull****
8:42 PM June 6, 2011 Cheereo said:

Iceberg ur a ****in idiot. niggas argue over rappers the same way people argue jorddan or lebron or tyson or Ali. Its called debating.....dumb ****. And by the way, Gucci is wack. D block go hard
10:37 PM May 18, 2011 evonuj said:

3:07 PM April 15, 2011 tonyhess said:

D-block the best to hard for tv
12:59 PM April 1, 2011 youngfly44 said:

@moneydhaplugg .....go jump off the highest bridge without a parachute.