Emilio Rojas - Life Without Shame

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11:51 AM December 21, 2012 dydo said:

latin niggas killin it **** haters
7:30 AM June 1, 2012 30otthik said:

@warren951 smh, wackk? Bruh, this guy sick. He can tell a story. You're the only wack one.
6:57 PM March 7, 2011 eiree said:

hot hot mixtape i love it
11:16 PM March 1, 2011 warren951 said:

it aint azzss. but its far frum dope.. its like dopez 4th cousin twice removed lil nephews play friend.
5:04 PM March 1, 2011 certified_dope said:

it was dope both times
1:03 AM March 1, 2011 mbball055 said:

Oh i got you thanks monster
5:23 PM February 28, 2011 warren951 said:

it was wackk both times
1:19 AM February 28, 2011 lEMONStER said:

@ Ypc_Vannie & mbball055

this is the same mixtape, but its a no dj version
green lantern's not on it