Club Nights 5

DJs: DJ Woogie
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10:20 PM October 29, 2011 YouHaveANiceRack said:

Honestly , i Agree With Other People .
If You Don't Like Techno/House/Trance , This Isn't For You .
But , i LOOVE This !!
1:50 PM August 27, 2011 deangeloharrington said:

Bottom line if you don't listen to house or trance don't **** with this mixtape it's not for you
1:03 PM July 15, 2011 nawfswest_sb713 said:

theres so many h8rs on here. this is a really good mixtape.! it makes you wanna dance.!! that's the point and you know half of you are lying cause most of the clubs play music like this.!
8:36 PM March 16, 2011 supersonic23 said:

The Rihanna S&M (bmore mix) is tough!
10:36 PM March 6, 2011 eturner901 said:

@sgamer is right and I've learned not to look at the ratings because I've had chances to hear songs months before they get big but see the rating & dont give it a chance
7:33 PM March 6, 2011 crutcher said:

damn. -182? Juz by lookin at dha ratin, the music ain't even worth listenin to
9:08 PM March 4, 2011 sugadoll314 said:

Once again an actual MIXtape on this alleged mixtape website has a bad rating.... Im soo shocked.
8:02 PM March 4, 2011 htown44 said:

Daaaamnn - 177 HA HA HA all i can do is laugh at this wack *** ****!!