OH! M-I 2 Loud (Ohio vs. Michigan)

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2:46 PM May 1, 2012 f1ow said:

dis **** str8 but where da real detroit rappers at dat dusty, D.B.C.O., rico assassin n dem yall bull ****tin
12:14 PM March 5, 2012 Sirkicksalot said:

lol it doesn't matter where your from just what you say thro the music dumb *** haters keep on hatin so now you can hate on me *****ESSS 419 Forever
11:18 AM November 15, 2011 boomalcolm said:

Ckeveland stand the **** up we in this hoe make roooom niggas
11:10 PM October 27, 2011 tjayw86 said:

**** Ohio, the armpit of the midwest. Yeah, they might have bigger names on this tape but Michigan be puttin out some dope *** artists
12:04 AM October 10, 2011 slybot6 said:

aint nobody ****in wit ohio 614 east side representer ya dug
11:03 AM October 4, 2011 sunshineswaggtj36 said:

ohio be cappin on u hoes we a take ya ***** and get every dolla out of her and give her broke *** back lol
6:29 PM September 30, 2011 Younzy said:

313 stand up... this **** look like some fake *** ohio niggas put together a mixtape to get out there where dey do dat at O OHIO
8:59 PM July 26, 2011 jamarai said: