Ruler Season 2K11: Barbie Proof (Hosted By Lil Kim)

DJs: Big Mike
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10:48 AM September 1, 2012 Bicerich via Mobile:

This is hot
6:58 PM June 23, 2012 meenuffsaid said:

I hate when people say that before Nicki Minaj people listened to Lil Kim , I know dang well I didn't. I mean in MY OPINION Lil Kim is a good rapper but Nicki Minaj is original and has great music.
6:40 PM January 3, 2012 KingKash94 said:

so #17 mad old
12:41 PM August 2, 2011 catherine16 said:

love the cover! lols fck nawl not barbie proof! #lovesit
9:00 PM June 29, 2011 Tweetybird2488 said:

-261 . Hell noo.
9:11 AM May 23, 2011 kel0ne said:

man kim the **** and nicki is as well but all yung *** ppl really need to stop hatein on kim cause before nicki came yall was listen to kim for wat to do and how play these niggas
11:30 AM May 21, 2011 jondoe88 said:

if dis aint 1 lame thirsty *** hoe sit yo old stale *** down bidch yhu lame *** ****...lmhao rip kim cremate yo useless ***...
9:26 AM May 10, 2011 kiwidrakewayne said:

Lil kim sound so trashy on did it on em! If yu gon diss somebody b creative imitation is a sin