Lil B - Illusions Of Grandeur

DJs: Based

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4:30 PM November 22, 2016 Elijahg34 via Android App:

still remember you basedgod .
12:51 AM March 7, 2016 murk165 via Mobile:

I heard there were 4 gay guys fatty fasting **** rocko
9:37 PM December 30, 2015 murk165 via Mobile:

Based god ****ed my speakers,
6:07 PM June 19, 2013 rocco7royale said:

this nigga put the original song AFTER the remix (illusionz of grandeur)....who else does that lol
2:30 PM April 15, 2013 Sirdunnsalot via Mobile:

This mixtapes kills any other mixtape out the season of real rappers have begun THANKYOU BASEDGOD
11:53 PM April 3, 2013 geron said:

****s hard
5:02 PM February 4, 2013 xsaladx said:

All his beats are good but when he open his mouth make me feel like quitting. Do yo thing Based god you're gay though
2:52 PM December 14, 2012 mrblooddrop said:

Wassup wit da cover!! lol ijs scrollin thru n seen dis O_o

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