Red Cafe - Above The Cloudz

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5:57 PM April 16, 2013 gogetta103 said:

So underated man! cant believe he's a ghostwriter, i wonder who he writes for?
10:44 AM March 27, 2013 gogetta103 said:

Am tryna become a new fan of red cafe, but this mixtape is dope!
10:47 PM August 3, 2012 loyality1 said:

1st R.Cafe project heard, & im impressed ! Tracks are great, complentry feat, flow is dynamic..Bad Boy chose a well rounded artist !!
6:42 PM April 25, 2012 boymills said:

I'm not too big a fan of Red Cafe but dis mixtape wuz so under rated
9:46 PM April 11, 2012 97_leek said:

Red cafe is HOT CAFE!!
1:11 PM December 26, 2011 mprov00 said:

top 3 mixtape of the year...real ****
7:00 PM December 15, 2011 emekaijeli said:

Black Black Rooooses!
5:30 PM October 31, 2011 TKCornwell28602 said:

Red Cafe is that nigga, and I respect all of his music because he keeps it straight real. He does not fabricate **** unlike all of these other rap niggas. Much respect cuhzz, from T.K. Cornwell