Dee Goodz - Floetic Justice 2

Dee Goodz presents himself as a young MC but he's pulling the wool over people's eyes. What he actually should be characterized as is a well-versed student of the game, a maverick and a young hustler who knows how to rap. Making the ballsy claim that he's "Got the swagger of a T.I. with the mind of a Lupe", Goodz helps lead the charge of a new artists bred below the Mason-Dixon, a crop who spent equal time surrounded by standard crunk check the "Nobody Needs Nobody" title reference while still being strongly shaped by previous generations of word wizards and East Coast legends, hence the Biggie-inspired cover. The guy's got a well-groomed flow, an ear for just the right beats and a reverence for the OGs. It's an ethos to be respected and hopefully embraced by more.

With co-hosting duties split by Nashville radio rebel DJ Crisis and DJ Omega plus featured assists from Naledge, Young Scolla & producer ODizzy, FJ2 is now in the people's iPods and in the books. Listen, wait and watch to see what Dee does next because where he goes, so go so many others.

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9:05 AM April 4, 2013 delkia123 said:

2:45 AM January 30, 2013 kaosthegreat said:

Just started listening to YO, already know he's destined for greatness!!!!! Got a new fan DEE GOODZ!! Keep it up son, I'm definitely gonna promote!!!!
12:20 AM November 14, 2012 watsupman said:

this **** is good! glad I took a listen
7:36 AM January 13, 2012 datzrein said:

Nice. #Luvit
5:23 PM December 17, 2011 capo920 said:

Check out somma My Tracks on YouTube....just type in Frankie Scrilla all my stuff should pop up
Much Appreciated
4:26 PM October 10, 2011 bigtorythepimp said:

the only person i hear is the teller at the bank... datz wassup
5:30 PM August 30, 2011 kj2fly said:

12:45 PM July 8, 2011 hero47 said:


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