Young Snipe - Black Flag Movement

DJs: DJ Scream
mixtape back cover

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3:40 AM January 18, 2013 datziggidy said:

uk a blak flag blak fag is wat dey is
7:09 PM July 20, 2012 Rioschris24 said:

Yall bumpin. Yu gotta fan right here no doubt about it.. I got yall cd but mane I cant find da song yall did bout rastafari.. I cant find that junt onda web nowhere and dats one my favorite songs
9:15 PM November 29, 2011 Mr_Black_CLoud said:

like @killaziallah said, ya niggas folks or not, cuz ya'll niggas cant rep no damn black flags!! Respect ya hustle. But if u aint 74 dont talk about black flags!!!
9:07 PM October 20, 2011 miss_bfm said:

One of a kind!!! ITS DA MOVEMENT!!!
2:46 PM July 20, 2011 Shamal said:

Heyy yo snipe I do beats fo da lo bro! Get@me:812-266-1559 "Gunna Beatz"
11:55 PM July 11, 2011 Apr6cr said:

Keep up the great work guys!! ITS THE MOVEMENT!
12:51 AM May 2, 2011 killaziallah said:

yall folks nation or not
6:32 PM April 6, 2011 6ay7yfe said:

67ack f7ag a77 dey dattz why i rock myz 6ay7yfe ,g.m.k