Headliner & Legends (Jay-Z Freestyles)

DJs: DJ Trigga
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10:10 PM March 28, 2011 100k38c said:

this guys illuminati, sry jay used to b somebody now hes jus another ?yes man" fuk him n his fans i listen n pay attention ta what artist do n say, off that i pass judgement. lame
11:47 AM March 26, 2011 diddy1112 said:

bigrob2004 ..... eat memphis bleeks ****
8:41 PM March 24, 2011 rejoma said:

well first not one off these songs on a album so anyone can use them jay probaly aint have **** to do with this its call copyright
8:21 PM March 24, 2011 fukitt said:

don't get it twisted i still gets down with the ROC this just isn't my favorite mix tape cause the man does go H.A.M. i do dig #5
8:12 PM March 24, 2011 fukitt said:

i'll say it again this mix is not o.k i have all his music and he ****ed up on here duh!! go listen to nas ( ether ) best jay-z diss EVER. u know that chick B might hav ****ed his music up maybe??
9:29 AM March 24, 2011 youngsef said:

bk all day cuz n im not from ny its da roc *****
8:27 AM March 24, 2011 bigrob2004 said:

illuminati and jay z can suck a ****
7:01 AM March 24, 2011 ayeecbeezy said:

i used to **** w| jay til this illuminati **** came around but really idgaf & he go at jim jones neck on 05. brooklyyyyyn