SD Da Baddmann - Homicide 4 (Keep It A Hundred)

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11:14 PM February 12, 2020 GeeDanny via Android App:

rather listen to him than takeshiasnitch rat
11:18 PM February 27, 2014 richroyal09 said:

This aint SD from GBE sucka!
3:26 PM October 26, 2012 turnupsteve via Mobile:

Im mad niggas haten y yall talkin bad bout bra he still maken moñey so **** yall
10:03 PM September 21, 2012 Serious_Dave said:

4:49 PM September 20, 2012 youngrebel1900 said:

fake *** sd thiss shyt weak *** fukk.... kill yurself
11:20 AM April 12, 2012 wakawezzymane via Mobile:

Adam west sound stupid as hell.. Lmaoo
4:25 PM June 3, 2011 kinkb101 said:

and pj can shoot the video lets all *** tagather man and get on dj stop & go can do da track got my 8 bars kinkso world still dropn
4:23 PM June 3, 2011 kinkb101 said:

****n wit da kid man wats good wit da 1 shot 2 shot remix nigga every nigga who say they can spit drop a 8bar every nigga who say they hot lets see the truth kinkb nigga wat it do

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