King Kong Returns (50 Cent)

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12:24 AM January 8, 2014 musicgod45 said:

bomb albume
5:22 AM August 7, 2012 Dplomatic1 via Mobile:

6:34 PM December 19, 2011 jbizzle52010 said:

2:27 AM September 10, 2011 2guncharlie said:

ayo why these n*gguhz talkin sh*t online 50 iz da realist nigguh in da game n yall hatin cuz he dissed ya favorite rapper quit suking dik bet i find ya facebook ***** gggggg g-unit!!!!!!
8:11 PM July 26, 2011 kbballn said:

50 then did every artists you like numbers 3 times bunch fun in the sun *** niggas just dont know g-unit coming back with that heavy hittin music!! @KING_KelvinB
4:03 PM March 31, 2011 201bayonne said:

50 gunit *****hhhh niggasss on here hatein on his styleee bubuuuuuuuu
1:28 AM March 31, 2011 primetime919 said:

RossRobinette, can i ask why on earth a 450 million dollar superstar rapper would still "bang"? he used to live that life, you fuuckin window shopper... he's back though
8:29 PM March 30, 2011 RossRobinette said:

**** 50 Cent, stupid azz nigga. Hes a *****, wanna gangsta azz ho. He aint even stuntin or bangin anything. How he a G? He a G-unot.