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3:33 PM April 14, 2012 BSMsquad4ever said:

I see ya Stone. BPS
12:01 AM April 13, 2012 Oaklandboss said:

the tracks on this one hot to......
8:43 PM April 9, 2012 iamvonte92 said:

Had to cop this one after i downloaded the 2nd one...classic GA ****.
3:33 PM April 5, 2012 GangGreen251 said:

I feel you @redrover26 I just call it progression tho you feel me. Still a solid tape, the 2nd one is just...... MAN!!!!!!!!!!
5:06 PM April 4, 2012 redrover26 said:

Had to grab this after listen to the 2nd one
10:40 PM March 15, 2012 skyboss767 said:

5:07 PM February 29, 2012 leapyear770 said:

One of my homies hipped me to this cat. Salute homie! GA ****in with ya. VOTE UP!!!!!
10:23 AM February 29, 2012 donroads said:

Good tape!

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