Rich Boy - 12 Diamonds

DJs: Zone 4

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8:40 PM July 6, 2017 isobeatz_19 via Mobile:

Rich Never disappoints
2:35 PM May 19, 2016 Tmm103 said:

u see how rich boy spelled Supa Villain name wrong at the beginning of the video he did that **** on purpose he real ignorant
7:59 AM December 31, 2012 RDC via Mobile:

We getting hot on the streets like the Miami Heat. Imma playa born with the hata curse. Cartier Benjamin time.
1:22 PM October 4, 2012 Drewskee00 said:

Lmao nigga said he on Molly, what they say nowawdays? .."Cool Story Bro" haha
10:25 AM September 13, 2012 treday83al said:

Cool Mack on a Molly wtf bruh bruh...205 in here rich boy keep doin ya thang
8:29 AM February 24, 2012 taeeazyboy said:

Niggas sleeping on my manz rich boy smh
5:27 PM October 17, 2011 RJones9 said:

10:32 AM October 13, 2011 friendly87 said:

Niggas sleeping on rich