Nate Dogg - Eternal Legend

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6:00 PM September 11, 2013 nyneshellshoc said:

this is how r&b should sound. Instead of that high pitched female soundin **** that's out now.
10:51 PM May 13, 2013 TravDaddy said:

ditty dum ditty do best song
7:21 PM December 2, 2012 Punekouno via Mobile:

HITTMAN !!! Yeah..........
1:01 AM December 15, 2011 skuta71 said:

he is in fast lane, almost de exact same
1:48 AM August 25, 2011 p3ngu7n said:

Yo DJ, U 4got 2 add
Mami Mira by Mr. Criminal ft. Nate Dogg
12:43 PM May 31, 2011 rodlocz said:

i grow up on dem real west coast niccaz cuh cuh west for life R.I.L to da big homie
nate dogg
8:07 AM May 9, 2011 YungInfadent45 said:

NATE D O Dubble G IZ THA LEGEND, Wiz iz a Toddler Compared 2 NATE DOGG
10:58 PM April 27, 2011 redskins said:

n dog blows wiz out n i f wit wiz stuid a55