P2theLA - N.W.A. (The Ill Edition)

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5:20 AM March 9, 2012 314MO said:

This dat real nigga ****!!!!
8:51 PM May 6, 2011 JumpJunkieJoe said:

I thought this mixtape was going to be on some N.W.A. **** the police, Black and Proud, Just a teenager with a lil bit of gold and a pager type **** but it isn't. Didn't go hard at all.
8:48 PM May 6, 2011 JumpJunkieJoe said:

I thought this was going to be a OG type mixtape. This dude talks about mixed girls & light skin girls a little too much fore me. Nothing to do with Eazy-E
7:34 PM May 4, 2011 dreirv816 said:

cuz is nice kc 2 cali
7:57 PM April 13, 2011 amccaffery said:

this is crazy good cant wait for this dudes next one
11:16 AM April 13, 2011 Vaxon said:

This **** goes hard
11:43 PM April 6, 2011 pmorgan89 said:

this dude is crazy ill man foreal dre need to pick this nig up quick give him some beats dudes shell the game really isnt bangin that much hard this this dude the raindrops is shell L'S UP A'S DOWN
1:01 AM April 6, 2011 TheFreshCommunity said:

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