Down & Dirty 39 (I Am Bobby Black)


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10:52 PM April 21, 2011 E_Rex33 said:

@junnieb:WE ALL SIGNED with BLOCK. We signed to make similar music bout otha ****. We get to the money wen yu sittin. Yall follow me @Strong_Rebel & @WeAreRebelGang
9:49 PM April 16, 2011 raydinero said:

#11 goes hard as ****
7:12 PM April 12, 2011 latrailmixx said:

50 killed gucci on the **** ! gucci need to blow his fkn nose !
4:17 PM April 11, 2011 blizz2009 said:

Blizz D cross that line okkkkkk
2:38 PM April 11, 2011 junnieb said:

gucci killed 50 cent on that track recently.....
2:31 PM April 11, 2011 junnieb said:

all these niggas sound like rasco dash with all that singing **** get yo own ****
1:10 AM April 10, 2011 aarondwise said:

I just wanna ride, roll up and get high,we balllin, ballin, ballin got my niggaz on tha side --- dat$$$ money, money mon ey
9:27 PM April 9, 2011 fukitt said:

nicki didn't go hard, lil kim went hard on black friday... but my G Rasheeda is a better battle anyway... u know nicki should have never put tragedy out there unfinished nice beat dump lyrics