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Bo Deal - The Chicago Code (Gang Related)

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Uploaded 05/31/2011
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Tuesday, May 31st @ Noon 10:17PM EST! | Spotted at MixFeed

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4:17 PM February 25, 2013 LucidDaMonster said:

Bet Crack_cocaine wont got to the city and say that out loud joe lol
3:41 PM June 17, 2012 gutta1block said:

CHI-TOWN ***** you dead man crack_cocaine 773 run it
12:00 AM February 4, 2012 northromeboy said:

@ crack_Cocaine shut your ignorant *** up...
3:47 PM January 29, 2012 crack_cocaine said:

fukk chigago, gay *** city *****s aint killin nobody
10:37 PM November 1, 2011 supafly23 said:

Bo deals dat nigga I ****s wit him haters get lost u ain't feelin him fuk off don't nobody give a fuk bout yo hatin azz comments bo holdin it down unkowns n da buildin !
12:19 AM October 22, 2011 m_alorsey said:

12:46 PM October 21, 2011 hannahbo said:

this dude is a joke i may be a girl but trust me i do know music and this guy is by no means a good lyricist when you write something a little intelligent then put it up
3:14 PM October 20, 2011 techmoe5 said:

20 0f of moe rock city out of hammond indiana draw wit us moe