OG Boo Dirty - The Story Of OG

Thursday, April 21st @ 6PM EST

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7:40 AM August 4, 2013 youtoodamnnosey said:

12:14 AM March 18, 2013 dresmoove10 via Mobile:

Im ****in wit OG BOO DIRTY
9:08 PM March 3, 2013 YungGuna318 via Mobile:

Thats cuz real big street niggaz that's makin moves ain't always out there doin the movin they got otha niggaz servin ribbon and say rest of da **** dey doin foe em
9:06 PM March 3, 2013 YungGuna318 via Mobile:

But u don't see dem niggaz gettin da maximum do u? Bc dem niggaz smart wen dey in da streets robbin killin and servin niggaz ere day and ain't got **** on they record
9:04 PM March 3, 2013 YungGuna318 via Mobile:

Some of da realest niggaz in da hood do **** to catch a case ereday u don't see dem niggaz catchin cases cuz dey ain't stupid smart niggaz commit felonies ereday
11:26 PM November 13, 2012 tevariusb via Mobile:

Real **** ask anybody in Memphis what goon squad and yung m8b bout. **** the rapping niggaz know they with the ****.
1:59 PM October 15, 2012 ericciaramitaro1989 via Mobile:

I don't know much about og but at the age of 15 gotti was in a whip on 22s n he had a ak on his lap with all white bricks in the back. Yal ***** niggas Berta check ya research
7:51 AM October 10, 2012 Breana_dahbest said:

Y8UNG M8B or Nun ,Og been putting on , never gay, and M8bbing to the ****ing self , gotti aint bout that LIFE ._... We been the topic of discussion nigga , M8B Breezy , 8 block or face shoot . .

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