The Primeridian - Da Crack-A-Dawn

DJs: Cosm Roks
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3:40 PM June 7, 2011 majin46403 said:

not as good as da allnighta in my opinion, but i still rock it
1:24 PM April 28, 2011 certified_dope said:

"this is hip hop not P.O. P., been had this locked since my D.O.B., and I'm not gone stop till we go free, the physical chains done dropped but we locked mentally " - Doin It Well #13
1:18 PM April 28, 2011 certified_dope said:

this is some dope *** rhymes n beats
4:22 AM April 28, 2011 coldheat25 said:

This is some good hip hop brings back the 1980's rap. The INdy mixtapes have a good selection of real hip hop groups and artist.
5:47 PM April 24, 2011 Mcrem said:

2,10,11,14,20,22,23,26,27....I LIKE......**** THE HATERS
5:16 PM April 24, 2011 Mcrem said:

WTF lmao, thats what all of us think when you start this **** of on track 1 LMAO.......
8:32 PM April 23, 2011 thebestrapperalive12 said:

they suck ***
11:48 PM April 22, 2011 neeko217 said:

Bangin Hip Hop from the Ill State!!! Yessssir!!!!