Prote-J - Dope Raps & Kit Kats

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3:50 AM April 28, 2011 coldheat25 said:

This is pretty tight so far, 1st track is already fire and so is the beat. I hope more people hear this. It's crazy how the tightest mixtapes have the least of tracks.
12:57 AM April 23, 2011 FreezTyLAZ said:

I like Candy :)
10:14 AM April 22, 2011 pimpdad12 said:

cant wait to try out #4 out on the 15s that **** beat
4:49 AM April 22, 2011 FILTHYFLAME said:

cant hate doo is lyrical way better then a lot of this garbage comin out
10:34 PM April 21, 2011 mrmixtape9835 said:

I don't get why it matters if you are first to comment. That is so childish
8:11 PM April 21, 2011 PR_KENN said:

**** fiya.. listin to his lyrics.. #2,#4,#9
7:19 PM April 21, 2011 bigg_geo said:

1st on here *****es