The Weeknd - House Of Balloons (Chopped & Screwed)

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12:47 PM March 23, 2017 Virsian said:

Why'd they take Wicked Games off here?
5:36 AM September 22, 2016 Joshuaspikes20 via Mobile:

3:05 AM October 30, 2015 ksharif7 said:

Don't use da term skrew's chopped not slop when eva u hear classic **** from OG RON C
Rip2originator rob e.
8:45 AM August 26, 2015 Pimp_or_Die via Mobile:

I never understood why people who don't like chopped and screwed musik get on chopped and screwed mixtapes just to say you don't like it?!?! Don't listen to it them and save the hate.
1:16 PM February 19, 2015 admirerfromafar via Mobile:

The SouthERn originator,...Keep the music aliVe. Screwed 4life
8:04 AM April 4, 2013 akibasharae via Mobile:

The truth
10:25 AM February 14, 2013 MsJaimeAlexis said:

this is riding Period!
1:55 AM January 26, 2013 jinthea via Mobile:

This **** goes hard! RIP SCREW U