Charles Hamilton - NHF

Previously Recorded in 2010

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5:01 PM December 16, 2011 ron_kendra said:

Im Chris rivera is dope but the rest is ***
4:57 PM July 30, 2011 DJBreezy said:

what does NHF mean?
8:18 PM June 23, 2011 iceberggrebeci said:

@ithain: This tape is weak. I'm a big fan of CH, but I'd rather listen to Waka Flocka or anything BET tries to push than this.
11:23 PM May 2, 2011 ithain said:

go listen to wacka or whatever BET tells you to listen to this week, ******s
4:05 PM May 1, 2011 killa_334 said:

Chris Rivera is a nice track... EVERYTHING else is crap.
3:59 AM May 1, 2011 taboo161 said:

Me Being A Person Who Have Downlowaded All Of His Mixtapes...
This Here...
Is Buttlick!!!!
1st Of All...
Is He Atheist Now Or Something!?!?!?
Total Turn Off To Me!!!
2:22 AM April 30, 2011 SLEEPY_HEADZzZz said:

he wants to **** his daughter...
4:15 PM April 29, 2011 katziheart said:

track one "this beat makes up for gachous" lmfao thts so tru gachous was wack but track one goes hard