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Welcome To Trilladelphia 9

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Score: -173
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Uploaded 04/27/2011
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6:11 PM July 13, 2011 KingKash94 said:

10:00 AM May 5, 2011 bjizzle1990 said:

yea it need cass bt lisin up dat nigga meek.......... DA TRUTH!!!!!!! livemixtapes slippin on em.. yall got weak muh ****as in front of da man... get ya music up... n yea i said MUSIC
1:08 AM May 4, 2011 tj1993 said:

how the **** can u have a philly mix tape without cassidy ****s wrong wit this dj
12:46 AM May 3, 2011 pehar2 said:

pa all day llllllleeeeeeeeeetttttttggggggggggoooooo 609
6:04 PM May 2, 2011 fultonsavage said:

where cass AT
1:55 PM May 2, 2011 nhs said:

word cuzz they actin lik he let it slide that **** culda happened to any fkkin body!
9:09 PM May 1, 2011 NyGiants631 said:

yeah cuz im sure no1 in texas neva got knocked out in history u stupid **** 7onetrey
7:58 PM May 1, 2011 7onetrey said:

trill is in tha south and niggas tht got knocked tha **** out aint trill