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Ofishal - Cigarettes & Solo Cups

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Uploaded 05/16/2011
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May 16th @ 3PM EST!

Follow @oFISHal615 @DJSmallz @SoloCupGang @FearFactorMusic

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4:44 PM February 2, 2012 Rippa117 said:

4:34 AM December 25, 2011 mrswagmore2009 said:

naw that ain't my main ***** but she like doin me favors, str8 up :)
11:52 PM November 16, 2011 derek_S_b said:

#8up dude partying wild as hell white boy style, its nice not having to listen to a guy with 143 dollars rap about his lambo, keep it up we stay with the solo cups down here #griplock
12:22 AM October 13, 2011 iTeeple said:

I'm #8up
1:41 AM August 24, 2011 Jcg65 said:

Most of y'all niggas hatin...ya mad cuz U can't get on a tape wit Lito,Gotti, and Buck...niggas he live in nashville so does lito and buck...not that difficult to get on a tape ... *******s
4:22 PM July 12, 2011 jameskotleski said:

**** str8 mane
10:05 PM July 4, 2011 Gucci_Mane_ said:

imma check dis **** out real quick lol cuz i love me some newports @ChaseBurr
10:44 PM June 30, 2011 janmarley said:

just Buck the world