The Airplane Boys - Where've You Been

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4:01 PM October 3, 2011 pass75 said:

super dope beats nice flow and rimes. got some more party joints. loved it
5:34 PM July 2, 2011 ArcAyngel said:

diggy simmons? still dope
2:20 PM June 4, 2011 thebest505 said:

damn nice mxtape
5:55 AM May 30, 2011 sillylittleorphan said:

This is pretty nice:) The 1st tracks synth solo was awesome, I wonder if they produced it themselves, If they did I will definitely follow them more.
12:55 PM May 20, 2011 YUNGSUFF said:

they dope, budd i don t like they voices.
5:23 AM May 19, 2011 jtl85 said:

beats are sick, i just dont like their voices haha
12:39 AM May 19, 2011 crunkpopeye said:

its cool
10:35 PM May 18, 2011 celtic17 said:

im diggin this man, never heard of these dudes, track #2 is hot