Shawtie - White Noise

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9:35 PM June 16, 2011 Mindzgone said:

That #2 going HAM lil bra!!!
11:38 PM June 5, 2011 speedyman25 said:

this **** go bruh......real **** developed a whole lot from the block boy days.....good **** bro.......Speedy
10:51 PM May 23, 2011 4ringshawty said:

A this @bastonrouge4z must dont kno see SHAWTIE that u hav Killa's all around you....
7:12 PM May 20, 2011 brklynsfinest said:

boi dem hatas jacked ur score but we knw the real deal..das whats up! dis **** go son!
7:11 PM May 20, 2011 brklynsfinest said:

you Shawtie boi keep ya head up son f**k dem hatin A** mfos talkin sh** on here but...son #2, #9 and #14 my favs but the whole damn mixtape gooo son! Yeah son ima put u on the map in the NYC!
11:52 AM May 20, 2011 realshytboi said:

#2 go nuts my nigga!! i fucx witchu!
11:35 AM May 20, 2011 nofakers said:

i didnt understand the score until i saw the comments...dnt trip off the haters Shawtie. im from Florida and i love ur music!!!!
11:29 AM May 20, 2011 whoru said:

nice tape!! love it!