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Cocaine & Caviar 2 (French Montana)

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Uploaded 05/22/2011
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8:50 PM January 2, 2012 chemicalchris said:

Quit hating hating men time is money laugh now cry later for em coke cake coke boys
9:38 PM November 15, 2011 mohamed_5150 said:

That Somalian&Morrocan nigga Name French Montana goooooo harrrrrrddd
11:15 AM July 20, 2011 ShultasKidd via Mobile:

Loguekr why you mad cause they make more money then you and why you on this website if you hate black people...stop living off your father you bum
10:24 PM June 28, 2011 peteycrack509 said:

**** all yall NIggas MONTANA
10:17 AM June 17, 2011 liltrap017 said:

#CokeBoys !
6:54 PM June 12, 2011 mixtapeking01 said:

chevy woods and french Montana need to make a mixtape
10:03 PM May 29, 2011 56acegoon said:

french not black watchu tlkin bout
5:09 PM May 29, 2011 cmac44035 said:

these rappers talk about and WE BE ABOUT IT. these rappers some fake *** niggas makin money off talkin bout what we doin