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The Motivator 2 (Young Jeezy)

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Uploaded 05/23/2011
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2:23 PM March 10, 2014 ThuggedOut13 said:

Young a monsta patna, let my playa patna do his thang!!!
12:48 PM July 19, 2012 Black9914 via Mobile:

2:15 PM January 3, 2012 Junnyc said:

Jeezy 1 of da real niggaz in the rap game **** he made da funkytown diss we bang como tx nigga da **** what u rappin wat we goin thru fucc da haters we trapordie 2cs for lyfe 6 x 10 til da world end
2:43 PM October 7, 2011 RayNY23 said:

Young Jeezy My nigga!!!!
11:34 AM May 31, 2011 SLiMDunk20 said:

fucc all yall C'z up Got damment quit hattin an maybe somethin Good will happen for ya 6itch
12:07 PM May 30, 2011 Shortyslim said:

**** a hater jeezy. i see u doin u my nigga
11:29 PM May 29, 2011 Trapaholics84 said:

for the jeezy fans go to count it up song he clearly say y a brick cost 30 racks ? =/ on dat DMC **** he say they 30 now ? he biting big time he bull**** now since promoting tm103
7:39 PM May 29, 2011 409williams said:

why he gotta steal Loso's theme to the mixtape? smh