Kreayshawn - Kittys X Choppas

DJs: DJ Woogie
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4:02 PM November 13, 2015 joeanotherguy said:

This **** still gnarly
8:57 AM September 23, 2015 lbjoshbal via Mobile:

This is the base for stupid ****s. Props. I see why she got radioplay. At least shes real. I hate it though.
3:19 PM March 21, 2013 OskaMyk said:

i mean this **** not even funny
3:16 PM March 21, 2013 OskaMyk said:

gucci gucci is the only son thats ok
this mixtape sucks asssss
9:52 AM January 31, 2013 kinglucario123456 via Mobile:

This **** lame AF never ever ever ever ever download this mixtape she did a poor job on this one
3:15 PM January 5, 2013 ganja_gurl said:

Kreayshawn slaps so hard omg
9:23 AM November 10, 2012 MisPretty13 via Mobile:

Yo... You MF OUT ****ING RAGEOUS!!!!!. She Is Total GARBAGE& You MF Are Just **** Riders. [Point].___. (.). I'm Out!
1:58 PM October 15, 2012 1_BabyThuggie said:

dis girls got more swag then ull ever have pusssyyyy asss *****yss