Tha Joker - We Do It For Fun Pt. TOO


Friday, June 17th @ 9PM 10PM EST!

Last year when Tha Joker released We Do It For Fun, it instantly became the highest viewed & scored mixtape ever released on IndyTapes. We looked into him only to find out that he was a youtube phenomenon with views that now top 70 million. We instantly built a rapport with him and released his next mixtape Why So Serious on the main page and its currently in the top 30 Most Viewed tapes of all time. However, his most recent tape Numbers Dont Lie, set the record for Highest Viewed Unreleased mixtape at 400k+ views before it dropped and is currently on its way to possibly being the biggest tape ever released on the site.

Tha Joker is now promising that once his tape Numbers Dont Lie hits 1 Million Views he will release this tape "We Do it For Fun Pt. TOO". Similar to the first of the series, it will be an all freestyle mixtape.

Follow his twitter @JokerTooCold where every Tuesday at 4:20pm Est for #TooColdTuesdays he'll be releasing a new music video exclusively to the Numbers Dont Lie mixtape page.

The download will start in seconds