The Official SXSW Mixtape

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During this year's SXSW Festival leading pro audio company Unique Squared, in partnership with Quality Control Marketing, parked a massive tour bus on Austin's streets to serve as a state of the art recording studio. Throughout the festivities some of hip-hop's most notable emcees stopped by the Mobile Studio to record exclusive songs over all-original production. The result is The Official SXSW Mixtape, a 30 track collection that captures the energy and creativity of SXSW.

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9:06 PM January 2, 2013 HENpp said:

Skipp Coon is a beast... no pun intended.
4:41 PM December 28, 2011 AshtonMix said:

Moe Green... Vallejo Stand up
3:36 AM June 9, 2011 jeyestyles said:

This is -28 but OJ is 2000+. I feel sorry for the state of hip-hop.
9:17 PM June 7, 2011 gamer88 said:

this should have a positive score.
7:53 AM June 3, 2011 smokedogg989 said:

is #28 the same 4-ize that used to be wit Ludacris/DTP?
8:04 PM June 2, 2011 Cjbdaman said:

hip hop is dead not cuz of the music ....its the people now they brainwashed and listen to that crap on the radio this some ill **** **** yall
6:19 PM June 2, 2011 gaspeedracer88 said:

I'm wondering why this is in the negatives. This mixtape is ill.
5:47 PM June 2, 2011 klawson2 said:

This score shows you how far music as fallen. Now the score should show how bad or good a tape is. This tape is NOT -30 something quality. Lol... retards, I hope you and your kids burn in hell.