White Man Can Jump

DJs: DJ Bchenk

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9:57 PM September 24, 2012 cdemoss32 said:

MGK is a ***** jelly roll should of been on this
5:00 AM August 26, 2012 Jobudd24 said:

Man wtf where is Chris webby him and eminem are the best white rappers
out rightnow hands down!!!!!
5:12 AM May 25, 2012 mteeza said:

eminem ****tin on all of em
8:49 PM February 4, 2012 jnaughty15 said:

get of mac millers nutz he smoked some weed and think hes hip hop. Yelawolf is a real MF i seen him perform and he goes hard.pnly thing mac miller needs to be on is high school musical
1:54 PM January 17, 2012 dery4life said:

mac aint theyre cuz this little kid doesnt deserve to be on the same playlist as dem heavyweights. he would get. stepped on by these goons.. errbody cryin cuz mac ***** aint there..**** outta here
12:20 PM November 16, 2011 nyneshellshoc said:

LOLOLOL Mac harder than Yela? MGK? Lol I think not. Mac is a white version of Wiz hence the reason for him being a sellout.
9:24 PM September 5, 2011 ajmiles said:

frenchmotanas stfu this **** cool
6:56 PM August 21, 2011 WizKidDaFlyest said:

Mac Miller is the best he a white version of wiz khalifa