Socom Special Forces

DJs: DJ J1
DJ J1 of Hot 107.9 Atlanta and Da Union DJs has put together one of the hottest mixtapes of the summer. Socom: Special Forces, featuring some of the hottest new music in the country.
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10:43 PM July 9, 2011 Destini101 said:

this mixtape is a banger....i listen to it all day everyday
2:39 PM June 18, 2011 9black9 said:

20.....ride wit me
9:07 AM June 17, 2011 kid1chaos said:

say bro bring yo *** to da south n run yo ***** *** mouth in watch you get skull drugged
4:46 PM June 15, 2011 YungRichGoonNigga said:

number 5 is the **** i rock with playboii and coco ATL Stand Up
1:30 PM June 15, 2011 SturpidSouthernSwag said:

My girl said Big Sean suxxx now she's sleeping on the couch.... I DO IT HAM
8:53 PM June 14, 2011 misseznjh said:

I'm a boss. Thats my ****!
4:20 PM June 14, 2011 yellow_wood23 said:

i'm on my way to rockville cause i'm goin to **** up that party y'all having and i got two words for ya **** this!
4:04 PM June 14, 2011 9Beast said:

MoeInstrumentaLzPlez let me get down with yo clan