Konvict Allstars

DJs: DJ J1
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7:55 PM January 27, 2012 Stacia93 via Mobile:

5:15 PM December 21, 2011 tugah said:

Nigga wit money dont have no time
Nigga wit time dont have no money
11:47 AM December 9, 2011 youngweems said:

dijonay my boo thang
7:53 PM June 29, 2011 ismokedaily85 said:

whoever money jay is he going hard , akon need to push him and drop them other niggas , and wea the hell is my nigga french montana ? smh
4:17 PM June 23, 2011 dalewynn said:

money jay go hard .... "my daddy told me work hard i went and got some hard work , ill catch a rapper slippin and go merk em at a concert" hahaha!!! shout out 2 da big homie dat **** jammin
10:55 PM June 21, 2011 styla11 said:

Akon clique taking over music!! This mixtape is the ****!! Hittin it from all angles!!!!!!!!!Money Jay, Akon, Swift, YB, Verse and all the others thats wassup!!!
1:10 AM June 21, 2011 Dakidjb said:

Konvict ogin in for da streetz now.. #Respect
1:09 AM June 21, 2011 Dakidjb said:

This **** actually Stuuupid Jammin!!! lol.. dont kno wat yallniggaz hatin for.. I like dat Money Jay nigga.. Deathrow and Whoa Hot