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Deep In The Streets (Mo Harlem, Mo Brooklyn, Mo Queens)

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Uploaded 07/07/2011
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12:03 PM September 30, 2011 BklynBoi666 said:

The south is what killed hip-hop, they rap about **** they wont ever do. Bunch of lame *** niggas
12:07 AM July 14, 2011 carlosyoung said:

Tru shyt @drzrelambigo
3:34 PM July 13, 2011 chrisakalogic said:

I'm still on the fence with Vado. I have to hear more songs before I make a comment.
2:41 AM July 13, 2011 9287 said:

DAMMM! drzrelambigo u went large on cuz, but da waz REAL TALK B... There isnt a bar N E more.. rap music iz so iLL rite now. Its not about ?GotFlow.. Its about RACKS on RACKS on RACKS!!!!!!!!!!
11:45 PM July 11, 2011 kelvin561 said:

Dont hate cause the south is running ****, its our turn now so STOP HATING. roll with it or turn off ya radio & ya t.v *****!!!! cause you gone hear or see us
4:40 PM July 11, 2011 scuttc1 said:

agree with drzrelambigo the south kinda killed rap with their dance pop club songs to a beat. and Slimcal74 drake and kanye arent rappers they are POP ARTIST
2:22 PM July 11, 2011 killakam360 said:

drzrelambigo said it best .... u cant get no accurate then that .... true talk
12:37 AM July 11, 2011 Slimcal74 said:

The midwest is hot all yall stupid drake,kanye west,twista,lupe fiasco. Come on bra