Jeff Johnson - Name Recognition

DJs: DJ Bchenk
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5:33 PM August 16, 2011 fwatalump said:

this **** is dope. i like both of jeff johnson mixtapes. keep grinding and doing yo thang
10:18 AM July 19, 2011 Ontopent412 said:

anybody can rap an put a cd on here hip hop has died now we got white rappers talkin bull**** 24/ 7 who listens to this
11:38 PM July 18, 2011 derek_S_b said:

i c hes got memphis all in the flipper video
8:15 PM July 18, 2011 Justintroutt said:

Too real jeff keep it up
6:58 PM July 18, 2011 grilledout said:

I like. Who in the hell mixed this.
6:34 PM July 18, 2011 MrSinister916 said:

NOT feelin it
6:14 PM July 18, 2011 smtigg said:

you got more content then most signed artist. your site is killer. im a supporter!
3:15 PM July 18, 2011 trife said:

yo i never heard of this this my first time hearing him but yo he is real as hell doh