Z-Ro - 5200

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4:18 AM January 13, 2013 ToxXxic via Mobile:

New year and still banging RO! Never gets old.
10:51 PM July 12, 2012 youngprettyclassy said:

ayy Z-ro go hard ! i bang his music every mornin on my way to school and bacc ( :
1:54 PM March 30, 2012 bownigga said:

Z-Ro the crooked the king of the ghetto chea
5:08 PM December 17, 2011 iTrayday24 said:

z-RO go hard them votes dont really mean nothin
12:19 PM October 19, 2011 rothavandross said:

Almost 50 thou views but only 500 votes ro tha realest rapper in tha south and if he was better managed he could be more famous than wayne
3:31 AM October 4, 2011 ameliahn said:

luv how this mixtape aint got many votes ha... Texas all day baby sleepin on us... get it on em ro.. co-signing.... souf
1:32 PM September 25, 2011 txcityboy said:

first crack,cocaine,heroin,and now meth,hit albums cant wait for angel dust
11:28 PM September 19, 2011 chrisw12345 said:

just got z-ro's new album meth ****s bumpin